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Browse the full gallery of Opal Unicorn, aka Laura Castellanos, pop surrealist artist based out of LA. Her work is full of fanciful creatures with a story, waiting for you to explore and welcome them in.

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Enter the world of Dope Bot, the newest painting by Opal Unicorn. Learn more about the piece below.

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Laura, also known as Opal Unicorn, has had her artwork showcased in art galleries across the globe, from Australia to Los Angeles, California bringing people on her journey, into her world. She has a unique way of bringing us into her vision, drawing us in with the unique eyes of her characters who seem to tell us their story in a moment. Each piece she character she brings to life has a story and a past. Come along for the journey and discover her artwork online of unicorns, rainbows, alien bots, and big eyes.

About Laura

An Alien Bot World

Welcome to an alien world on what is Earth. Earth has been transformed into an unrecognizable plant filled with Cyborg Humans and a subspecies called Alien Bots. Delve into the world of Alien Bots and get to know them by name. This book shares the art of Laura Castellanos’ Alien Bot series and the stories behind each Alien Bot and their function in a future world. Discover the stories behind the art in this paperback book, Alien Bots – The Laws of Accumulated Nepotism.

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Eclipse and Art and the 12th House

When the eclipse energy is here, as artists it can give us insight into our shadow self. Working with the...

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New Art Series : BABY BAKTUNS

This series was inspired by a vision I had a few months ago. I was meditating and out of nowhere...

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Heartwood Painting Series

New heartwood series by me. I started this painting around this time last year. It has taken a year to...

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Opal Unicorn pendant small in sterling silver and a jelly opal

Introducing the opal unicorn necklace it comes into sizes a large size which is a substantial statement piece pendant that...

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