New Art Series : BABY BAKTUNS

This series was inspired by a vision I had a few months ago. I was meditating and out of nowhere came these beings that had rainbow breath and vibrant contrasting colors.

Since then, in my research, I have found out who they are. They were Mayan and Aztec gods, messaging me from the astral realm, where all time is in one dimension. This time I see that they are asking something of me, and I kept hearing the word baktun, baktun. I knew it is the word from the Mayan calendar symbolizing the 26,000-year cycle of the sun. There are now six suns to date and 26,0000 x6=156,000 years

There were many who feared the end of the world in Dec 2012. This was the end of the 5th sun for the Mayans, that end started for the Aztecs on the last lunar eclipse we had on May 26th. This was a blood moon eclipse, I wrote about it in my last blog. This eclipse is known to be an omen for death. The Mayans believe that death is connected to rebirth, a side of the same coin, it is death to make life, life to make death, life-death cycle, nothing ever ends, only a shifting a death and rebirth of the energies, a transformation of the energies. The Mayan never meant the end of the world, but the death of the fifth sun, making way for the new sixth sun, the new baby sixth sun is now ruler over the skies. and his energies are affecting us all.

This is Itzel, my first character design of this series.

The character series is called Baby Baktuns because the sixth sun was barely born last week according to the Aztecs, but according to the Mayans, a nine-year-old kid at heart since the calendar started for them around December 12, 2012. I did the drawing for my book on that day, and I will do an article about that soon. But, for now, we will talk about the beginning of the sixth sun.

These Baby Baktuns are mighty gods with new and old cosmic identities. All are versions of how I see them in the astral. Now is the time that the new age has come. We now must make paradise and piece in this time, as that is the wish of the gods, as we were given this new sun to be in this world during the dawning of this new age…..

a new baby sun is born…..

a new person is born within ourselves……

a new moment is here, a time to evolve to a new level together.

You can feel it in the air, and in how we all think and speak. Even art is updating turning from 3D to 4D, we jump from 2d to 4d when we jump through the portals in the art we create. There we can fly in the astral, through the stars, and the Milkyway, floating, connecting to the Mayan gods and learning what our destiny is to be here on earth at this time when we are entering a new energy.

The Baby Baktuns remind us of the power within us to shift the evil greedy war-mongering energies to a place of love, and compassion, a place of the rainbow warrior.

Stay tuned for more art and prints to come for Mayan Baby Baktuns!



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