Eclipse and Art and the 12th House

When the eclipse energy is here, as artists it can give us insight into our shadow self.

Working with the shadow in astrology there are a few aspects to look at on your natal chart that will show you where your shadows are, the side of us that we sweep away under the rug so as to not to face them ourselves. The problem with the shadow is that we are blindsided by these aspects, we are unable to accept this about ourselves, in the 12th house.

This is the meaning of this.

The 12th house planets are hidden talents that we may possess, as well as hidden aspects both good and bad. These are aspects of our character that we may not want to face, usually, because of the environment, what we were born into, in our social life, or our tribe life. To be rejected from the tribe, would mean sudden death. We can look at these national geographic videos about monkeys and what happens when the group of monkeys all decide they don’t like one of the monkeys. That. Only might very well die, only because they were unpopular. This old DNA coding of evolution in our minds makes us create a shadow aspect. We are not embraced with open arms when we are born into our tribe, we must get along to survive. This feeling of having to “get along” may in face create in oneself a chasm of two people. One that the world sees, and one that very few can enter.

This is the manner of the 12th house.

The 12th house is the subconscious, the unconscious, the astral, the other side, the womb, the void.

This is where we also store our shadows, even if you are not having any planets in your 12th house. That is important to understand is that the hiding away of these characteristics can then find themselves in this house. In the netherworld, between life and death, by taking them out of the subconscious, and into the open, it no longer can be kept alive, for the dampness that the shadow self relies on, in the swampy lagoon of the astral, cannot be supported by the sunlight that dries out its swampy, deep dwelling.

The aspect of the shadow, when brought to the surface and inspected in the light, no longer hides its mysteries from oneself, it is now faced with the acknowledgment of the truth. The flaws that we have are also the talents we have, what makes us beautiful, is also what makes us unattractive, therefore, we cannot separate one from the other. Only to encompass the truth we must accept the whole aspect of ourselves and then love ourselves thereafter when we reunite with the aspect of our character that we were afraid to face, we can then cultivate the parts we live about our hidden characteristics.

We are then after this point, in control.

This is what the transcendent energies of the last two eclipses mean, the shadow work, the death, the old and the new, melding into a new hybrid species……

A new time is now emerging from the titans, the old gods, are coming back to help the new old gods accept the truth, there are new gods coming into play, gods that will actually be goddesses, that were once worshipped then fell out of favor once patriarchy set in. We are coming back to those gods now, and the shift is here.

With the blood, the moon comes death,

and in that bloody death, we are ripped to shreds perhaps, but then,

energy is never dead, only moving, and transmuting……

what will come next, only the goddess knows….

but the times and energies are shifting as we speak.

So we take control of our shadows now, to have our wits about us, and to use our swords of words and our scale of balance to learn more of what is to come.

So might it be.


So here is the poem I created to express these thoughts….

In the full moon eclipse, I find my.....secret, I weigh
my energies with the scales of Libra, to honor truth...
Hidden power
“12th house power the shadow self,
Shadow work
Does it bother you when I touch that button?
Follow the pain to your subconsious, I find you in my 12 house, a dark place, a place where stars shine and twinkle,
We are all stars in the universe all meant to shine and burn brightly
We are stardust because we are stars,
In the evening dusk, by the candlelight of your eyes,
I see myself in your reflection,
And in that black glass, I see the picture of hidden gifts I never gave myself to explore because i was too caught up,
Dimming my light from you,
So you would not see that i was a star too,
Dust is in your eyes,
It’s the star u refuse to see,
May it be a part of you? Or is it a part of me?
If we are in a communal house,
Are not the stars free in the galaxy?
When I shine my light, will u hate me for being so bright?
But will u still hate me when you see me at night?
In the shadow, I hide from myself....
Because I’m afraid I won’t be loved for being stardust....
I was never afraid to be me, but why were u so afraid of me being me?
Can’t, there be some authenticity?
From the darkness, i see the light and it told me I was lovable even though I was a star, even though I was a bright light in a space of darkness,
Black, cold liquid swamps your heart from beating love to me ,
But I love u anyway, in the burning darkness of my brain, I see you are in a beehive humming inside my heart, telling me to stop singing my song, stop shining my light,
And then I will be loved,
I stand in the darkness in my shadow,
And the stars shine bright,
Like they do every night
And I see your eyes burning black coals,
A ghost of two lost souls...
Dancing they do in that reflection ,
I see you, and I know u see me. But I will be me now, I am a star, so mote it be.” - #opalunicorn

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