Eclipse and Art and the 12th House

When the eclipse energy is here, as artists it can give us insight into our shadow self. Working with the shadow in astrology there are a few aspects to look...

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New Art Series : BABY BAKTUNS

This series was inspired by a vision I had a few months ago. I was meditating and out of nowhere came these beings that had rainbow breath and vibrant contrasting...

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Heartwood Painting Series

New heartwood series by me. I started this painting around this time last year. It has taken a year to complete. I didn’t plan for it to happen this way,...

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Opal Unicorn pendant small in sterling silver and a jelly opal

Introducing the opal unicorn necklace it comes into sizes a large size which is a substantial statement piece pendant that can be worn on the long velvet chain how long...

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The Wide-Eyed Characters of Opal Unicorn’s

I was first drawn into the highly imaginative world of wide-eyed, deliciously coloured, crazily exaggerated and stylised characters of Laura Castellanos (also known as opal unicorn on instagram) during Mab Graves’ Drawlloween in...

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The Visceral Paintings of Laura Castellanos

Recently I had the opportunity to view one of Laura Castellanos’ paintings first hand, and my immediate reaction was I wanted to lick it. It was entirely visceral. The colour was so...

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The Heroine’s Journey of Laura Castellanos

What is the best thing that I love about my work? I love art and painting creatures. I believe I travel to other worlds with my imagination and bringing those worlds...

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